Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Cycle of Poets Broadcast on WFHB

A Cycle of Poets
is a half-hour poetry program produced and hosted by six local, diverse poets on a rotating schedule, and broadcast weekly on WFHB Community Radio 91.3 and 98.1 FM in Bloomington, Indiana.

This week, it's my turn, and my programs are co-produced by/with MATRIX.

My shows consist of live recordings at local and regional poetry readings and spoken word performances. To me it's all about the interaction with the audience.

Sunday, April 3, 2005
at 5:30 pm on WFHB

This program features highlights from the Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam on June 25, 2004, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Last Call for Bathtub Gin

Chris Harter, founder/editor of Bathtub Gin, is moving! (along with with wife and child, of course) The Gin will continue but from its new home in Erie, Pennsylvania. Chris is also Bloomington's resident Beat lit scholar and curated a spectacular Beat Generation exhibit at IU's Lilly Library.

I once had the opportunity to participate in a live roundtable discussion with Chris, Jim Canary, and Mark Beebe on WFHB about Jack Kerouac on the occasion of the On the Road scroll coming to the Lilly for restoration. Good times. And Chris, while the Gin beat goes on, will be missed in the flesh.

See details on the farewell reading below.

Your truly appears in Bathtub Gin #10, so I'll be at the reading.

Event: Poetry/Prose Reading
Event Date: April 9, 2005, 7:00 pm
Event Location: The Runcible Spoon

Contact: Christopher Harter

"In mid-October 1997, the folks walking past 116 N. Grant Street in Bloomington, Indiana, probably had no idea what kind of literary mischief was being performed in the little basement apartment below what was then Nina’s Boutique...."

And so begins what will be the final Bloomington-based issue of
Bathtub Gin, the nationally acknowledged literary magazine founded in late

Editor Christopher Harter will be moving the magazine and its parent publishing house Pathwise Press to Erie, Pennsylvania, in August 2005.

Since its initial issue, the magazine has been proud to feature Bloomington area writers Andy Alphonse, Jon K. Benson, Tony Brewer, Christopher Essex, John Gohmann, Jenny Kander, Andrew Kenower, Joe Kerschbaum, Antonia Matthew, Marge Mueller, Mark Price, R. Leah Rieseberg, Rus Segety, Diane Singleton, Thomas Tokarski, Katherine Wills, Hiromi Yoshida and Susan Yount, as well as artists Lynn Bower, John Bower, and Jerry Herring.

The "Final Bloomington Issue" (#16) is an all-Bloomington issue with work from the writers listed above and will feature two different covers by two of the local artists who have contributed cover art for past issues ... one by Lynn Bower and one by Jerry Herring. Issues with both covers will be available at Howard’s Bookstore, Boxcar Books, and TD's CDs & LPs beginning April 8.

To celebrate the release of the issue, Harter will host a poetry/prose reading and art show featuring Gin contributors at The Runcible Spoon on Saturday, April 9. The reading will begin at 7:00 pm. The event is free and the public is welcome.

Christopher Harter
Bathtub Gin, Pathwise Press
PO Box 2392
Bloomington, IN 47402

Thursday, March 24, 2005

MATRIX Poetry Open Mic

Wednesday, April 6
7pm at Soma coffeehouse and juice bar
downstairs from the Laughing Planet restaurant
at the corner of Kirkwood and Grant
Bloomington, Indiana

Generally a good poet-to-crowd ratio. We have groupies :)
Most folks come to try out new stuff
or to work out performance aspects.
I hope to have some new stuff to throw down.

MATRIX is my baby, my second job, my tinderbox.
Get in the know at www.matrixmag.com

This event occurs on the first Wed of every month.

Long-Time Lurker, First-Time Blogger

Okay, Innerweb, you finally have suckered me in with your sweet, sweet promise of maximum self-exposure. Be gentle.

Ahem. This is primarily going to be a place for me to advertise what I'm doing these days. What journaling I do ... do is either private or shortly becomes vocally public. However, peel slowly and see.

I suck at e-mailing invites and updates (to things other than parties), so y'all come on back reggalur-like and see where I'm reading/performing/broadcasting next. I'll most likely lay the occasional poem herein as well. Also, I tend to edit. A lot. So things may change, often, hopefully in beautiful ways. But I tinker. So sue me. Wait, no---