Friday, June 30, 2006

Interesting Statistics

Last time I wrecked a bike: circa 1989
Last time I played football: 1990
Last time I opposed a war in Iraq: 1991
Last time I bought a drum: 1992
Last time I was in school: 1993
Last time I got dumped: 1994
Last time I was on the Left Coast: 1995
Last time I was unemployed: 1996
Last time I hugged a ginormous tree: 1997
Last time I got too involved: 1998
Last time I was on a plane (with or without snakes): 1999
Last time I smoked a cigarette: 2000
Last time I lost my mind: 2001 (it didn’t get far)
Last time I lost a good friend: 2002
Last time I felt sure of myself: 2003
Last time I took a real vacation: 2004
Last time I moved: 2005 (last week of December)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Note to Self

Try harder to say and write simply rather than just. There is no justice in simplicity, only a gift.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Welcome back ... to Mudville!

Some time ago a utility company (Duke/Cinergy? Vectren? I don't recall) dug a boxcar-sized hole next to my driveway in order to ... do something. They took forever and had to bring back the backhoe to dig deeper, but they finally finished and went away.

I come back from NATF to find that not only had the hole had been reopened, they also cut through the concrete driveway and continued digging into the front yard! Now there's some new gravel, but they just left the concrete section blank, so I was somewhat surprised to drive up at 2:30am on Sunday: concrete, *CLUNK CLUNK*, concrete. Then I get out of the truck and squish squish squish through ankle-deep, clayey mud as sticky as tar. Wilson tango foxtrot, guys?

It still, however, is great to be back. For a week. Then I'm off to San Francisco! A more in-depth review of NATF resides (or will soon) on my lj.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sometimes I'm the Bird, Sometimes I'm the Building.

Mostly I'm Just a Pane.

See, there's this bird that all week has been trying to fly through the building. Seriously. I'm on the second floor and my office, aside from its commanding view of the Terminix Building across the way, looks out at an angle on the IT office next door. Every day bird brain smacks every.single.pane (there are about a dozen) until he makes it to the end of the building, then he flies straight ahead. Even when he knocks himself a little silly and flaps weakly to the ground, he's up and back at it in seconds, picking up where he left off in his li'l battering ram routine.

In his mind I'm sure he thinks that one day he's going to get up enough speed and wind conditions will be just right and he'll zoom over the parking lot, heading straight toward the IT dept., and he'll somehow pass right through.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The weekend, she was fabulous.

Saturday was the glorious wedding of Coyote and Otter (or Yotter; not sure I grok the odd spellings I’ve seen online of her furry alias, but then ah spells putry gooder. Perhaps it’s supposed to be the equivalent of ’yote, right? ’Yote and Yotter? That makes sense). Anyway, it was a masquerade wedding, which made it even more festive. Congrats to the newlyweds (and to her gaggle of rug rats, who really got themselves a fine dad).

I only stayed for a bit, though. My violinist lady friend and I later trekked down to the Lotus Dickey Reunion in Paoli. Her Irish band, which shall remain nameless to preserve her dignity, was rained out BUT about 20-25 musicians then piled into the living room of the B&B where we were staying and proceeded to jam all night: Irish, French-Canadian, contra dance, bluegrass, hayseed hoedown. Very cool! When enough of them had left I was able to get a seat in the playroom. Viva la Machine!

Sunday we did Marengo Cave, which was very cool (figuratively and literally). I haven’t been in a cave in many years. I haven’t been “caving” (as in crawling around in one rather than having built-in lighting and handrails) in even longer. May have to rectify that at some point.

From there we trekked up to French Link (snicker) to the somewhat-renovated West Baden hotel. Wow! For one thing this was the complete opposite of dark, dank, subterrania, but it also was both extremely opulent and kind of sad. It’s just sitting empty right now and many of the rooms are still stripped down to the studs and being rebuilt, starting with I-beams to keep the place from falling apart. For real. I’ve wanted to see it for some time; fortunately, one of the other fiddlers pointed out that it’s only a short distance from both Paoli and Marengo. I’d completely forgotten. The tour guide was an older gal who loved to talk! Man! Could she spin a yarn! Are we ever going to see any of the things you are lovingly describing? But she obviously loved giving the tour and was a lot of fun. I also wish they would cut down some of the trees that were obscuring the hotel. I love trees! Don’t get me wrong; I kind of like the fact that it had been swallowed up by time. But there were some pines growing right next to the place from neglect, which are also kind of a hazard or will be.

We also stopped by the French Lick Winery to sample their sweet(!) wine. No better than Oliver, though, so I did not purchase any. (There was a table wine I enjoyed but it was $28 a bottle! For an Indiana wine?!)

Once back in B-tizzle, we went to see A Prairie Home Companion. If you like Robert Altman films or like the radio show, you’ll love the movie. If you like only one or the other, you’ll be somehow disappointed without being able to put your finger on why. If you hate both, skip it. I thought the ensemble cast was great. Loved Kevin Kline as Guy Noir, but then he’s great in just about anything.


p.s. I'm going to West Plains, MO for NATF next week. Then back for a week. Then I'll be in San Francisco the week of the Fourth of July.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


'nuff said.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thanks, Bob!

Copied from Bob Brezney's Free Will Astrology

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

This would not be a good week to cast a curse on God in revenge for what you think are his mistakes. Nor would it be a favorable time to draw blasphemous cartoons of saints, or pretend that atheism is any less of a faith-based belief system than religion. In fact, if I were you, Capricorn, I would utter a few prayers, purify your motives, and do some really good deeds--just in case there's even a slim possibility that divine help is abundantly available to you right now. (P.S. From what I can tell, there's more than a slim possibility.)

While living in Manhattan in the 1950s, the avant-garde composer John Cage felt beleaguered by the omnipresence of radio sound. Rather than piss and moan, he wrote a musical piece that featured several radios tuned to different frequencies. After that, he was always able to respond to street radio noise with a pleasant sense of "They're playing my song."

In a way similar to Cage, transmute your relationship with something that annoys you so that it pleases you

Also from Bob:

"Race car drivers say that if you're heading toward a wall," writes philosopher Jonathan Zap, "don't look at it. Instead, look at where you want to go." That's good advice for you in the coming week, Capricorn. It would be crazy for you to concentrate all your attention on what you don't like and don't need and don't agree with. Rather, you should briefly acknowledge the undesirable possibilities, but then turn the full force of your focus to the most interesting and fulfilling option.

(TB Note: Why look! A steering wheel. Vroom vroom indeed.)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Evil isn't a number

I celebrated 666 Day (or whatever it was officially called: Bash Emo Kids Day, Nat'l Slayer Day, the End of the World, &c.) at Second Story last night. My fave local band, Tremendous Fucking, played, and early enough that I wasn't dead tired when they were done. Not from lack of sleep anyway. After TremFu were The Horribly Wrong -- who were pretty good in a messy, punky way. Apparently it was a reunion show, though I didn't know of them before they'd broken up. Dixie Fried Diablo opened. They played instrumental, slow Dick Dale-type stuff. Not bad. Bonus point for the girl drummer.

Hung out/drank with some online friends and some cow-orker friends, too. Not too evil but not a bad way to spend a Tuesday evening. Saw a flyer for Second Story's 25th anniversary party coming in September. I saw my first SS show in about 1990. I think it was one of those legendary Drovers/Big Hat shows. Ah, memories.

Also of note: TremFu dressed as members of the Bush administration. Now that's evil! Fucking tremendous!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Of Bananas, Bodhrans & Bicycles

This week I shall be consuming smoothies until they run out my ears. I procured a mess of pre-cut fruit (long story) from my violinist lady friend, and I have a brand-new blender and I'm not afraid to use it. Now.

I made attempts to play bodhran on Friday at the Irish session at Encore. Not bad! I never was very good with sticks, but with a bodhran you hold the "tipper" like a pen and kind of waggle your hand/wrist like you're playing air guitar -- two motions with which I am more than intimately familiar, so it didn't take to long to get the basics down. Plus I've got rhythm, which is half the battle, obviously. Playing in the midst of musicians (not just drummers) is really fun. I like to listen. I commented later in the weekend that often the djembe is the SUV of drum circles: loud, pollution noisy in most environments, and most drivers think they rule the road. Ouch! Great for open-air playing, bad idea for small enclosed spaces, is all I'm sayin'.

Anyway, I also biked a bunch this weekend (thanks, V-ron, for the loaner!) and did not die the thousand weak-lunged deaths I had anticipated. I need a bike better suited to my frame (and a cut-away seat to protect my 'taint and boy bits), but once I move downtown I think I'm going to turn into one of those bike people. Great exercise, good fun, and I'm getting more and more anti-gasoline whenever possible.

Going up to see the 'rents sometime this week for a pre-Father's Day visit. I'll be in Missouri for the National Audio Theatre Festivals on F-Day proper, so I'm preemptively visiting. Also, my dad has a bike he hasn't ridden in years. He got it post-heart surgery but never really took to it. I'm betting he'll let me take it off his hands. I have a symbiotic relationship with my parents, obviously.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Thieves! Tricksy! False!

So I finally bought more seed for my ginormous bird feeder-plex, and there was much rejoicing among the local avain population. I have to use sunflower seed (or larger, although that's the biggest I've seen available so far) because otherwise it falls through the mesh. Woodpeckers, cardinals, chickadees, goldfinches, nuthatches, titmice, robins -- I have even noticed some lovely indigo buntings, although not so much around the feeder. They tend to hang out near the honeysuckle bush (I'm pretty sure that's what it is) in the driveway.

Apparently the local squirrels and raccoons think I'm feeding them as well! I saw a brazen li'l 'coon rooting around the base of the feeder this morning, and yesterday watched a squirrel climb very gingerly down a long limb toward the top of the feeder -- probably hoping to pounce on it from above banzai-fashion. Unfortunately, he thought better of it. I was hoping to watch him Wile E. Coyote himself into the pole and slide down with a wounded squeak. No way could he have jumped that far that accurately, for he was yer regular garden-variety chunk-style brown squirrel, not one of those winged Rocky types.

Regardless, I'm down at least a pound or so of seed and I know the birdies haven't eaten that much. I'll probably just move the feeder closer to the house, which will be nice anyway.