Wednesday, September 24, 2008


They're cutting down
a stand of trees
across the way,
outside my window
at work, to make
room for another
student high-rise
Douche Bag Hilton.
I watch them sway
for the last time.

Monday, September 22, 2008


"To retain respect for sausages and laws, one must not watch them in the making."
-- Otto von Bismarck

"We didn't leave the Stone Age because we ran out of stones. Likewise, we must leave the Oil Age before we run out of oil."
-- Tom Demarco, Whistler, B.C. (letter to National Geographic)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Italics added for emphasis

I was welcomed back to Bloomington while at Kroger the other day. Thanks ... sonny!

I convinced a cow-orker that yes, many, many things are made of plastic, which is made from petroleum, which is a fancy word for oil, which the US gets by the metric fuck-ton from the Middle East, which etc., etc. Aaaaand *POP* went his mind.

The chapbook is starting to take shape, which is alternately exciting and terrifying. I'll elaborate on the "story" a little later but it's heavy and personal, and writing and thinking about it this much kind of hurts but is ultimately cathartic.

My evil sister is even eviler than I thought. And crazier. And more violent, sho nuff.

Mars gets the cast off 9/18, ALLAH BE PRAISED!

Cast off also means something totally different to me.

I'm announcing for the fledgling Circle City Socialites' inaugural bout in late September. That's 3 leagues I will have announced for this season. I'm glad to do it, but hopefully ROSI and CCS are working on getting local color commentators....

I'm teaching my two classes at Ivy Tech and Cont. Studies again this fall.

Met with Lucia today about a potential collaboration involving ... we know not what. Pin-hole photography, motion painting, poetry, sound effects. Something awesome.

Giant bat in the house last night! Big as my face. Nearly carried Mari away. I told her to hide under a blanket while it flitted around the living room and I threw towels trying to knock it down. Sphinx took a swipe at it and apparently nipped its wing. Go Cat Power!

I think McCain McCain's handlers chose Palin just to make Obama look bad vis-a-vis "experience." How stupid is that?

I still want to vacate somewheres this year, damnit. A beach, please. November? Perhaps a cruise?

DEATH RACE is not a great movie, but it was exactly what I needed just then. Also, Natalie Martinez!

No Eroticon this year :( I've heard the DJs at Uncle E's aren't that great, so I'm considering making a DJ Boomslang appearance ... outside of Jakes/Mars/Axis/Jakes! Just to keep muh mixing chops, yo.

I'm convinced: Some cats just plain like to poop on the floor. Guh!