Monday, June 08, 2009

"Until you’ve lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was or what freedom really is."

(Margaret Mitchell ... the Gone with the Wind lady)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The year, she is half over

Let's review, shall we?

* Finished Little Glove in a Big Hand on New Years Eve 2008 and sent it to 3 contest that night. I've sent it to about 10 other contests since then, and plan to get another round of submissions in the mail by end of June. Some place will bite, although I already have an offer from Plan B Press to pub the ms. if it does not get picked up elsewhere.

* Submitted IAC Grant application for my Tom Lopp Project. I should find out in the next week or so if I got funded.
* Featured poet on The Poets Weave hosted by Jenny Kander on WFIU.
* Went on a cruise with Kel, V-ron, and Scott from Miami to Nassau and the Great Stirrup Cay.

* Taught my IU class.
* First date of Reservoir Dogwoods tour.
* Co-produced TV spots for roller derby.
* Called a game in Grand Rapids.

* Dogwoods tour in full effect.
* Featured poet on Outsider Writers Collective.
* Received CPR/First Aid certification from the Red Cross.
* Planted a garden with my roommate and his GF.
* Called a game in Louisville.

* Called a double-header for ROSI.
* Finished Dogwoods spring tour. (We're working on a small-college tour this fall.)
* Hosted the Lightning Bug Romantics at the last MATRIX slam of the season. Great show.
* Called first home bout (double-header) of the season.

JUNE (ongoing)
* Won the Columbus (Ind.) poetry slam.
* Calling a double-header in Evansville: BHRG vs. ROSI.
* Returning to NATF to direct sound effects.
* Somewhere in there, I'm writing a roller derby/zombie horror movie.

What's left to do this year?
* A bunch of derby.
* Research for Tom Lopp Project.
* International Mystery Writers Festival in Owensboro in August (performing live sound effects for 4 Agatha Christie radio plays).
* Poetry Retreat/Workshop at Hill House
* Hopefully travel for TLP (if funding comes through, see above).
* Fall Reservoir Dogwoods tour
* I want to have several new pieces ready for the fall tour. I'd love to have an entirely new set, including a new group piece.
* I want to start talking to financial people about buying a house.
* I want to compile a new chapbook manuscript (not for TLP) or have a bunch of poems ready to send out for publication.

I also would like to visit some mountains and do some serious hiking and/or canoeing or rafting. I might have time for this in Oregon when I'm not holed up in the library.
There is definitely a trip to Holiday World in my future -- tentatively in July.
I want to do some camping or spend more time in the woods this summer/fall.

Whew! OK, I think that's enough.