Friday, October 09, 2009

When Worlds Collide

So along with live color commentary for the past 3 seasons, I also have done a fair amount of writing, editing, and proofreading for the local roller derby league (like I do). Mostly meeting minutes, lists of sponsors, program text, tag lines, press releases and bout recaps, etc. No heavy lifting here but usually snappy and time-sensitive material.

Then Truly F Obvious and Roxy Shox asked me to help write and edit a series of articles for USA Roller Sports Magazine on how to start a derby league. The first two installments came out last winter and spring. The latest issue, containing the final installment of the series, just came out ... and they put us on the cover.

I haven't done a lot of publishing done these days, so this both is kind of cool and it cracks me up. This will likely garner the widest readership I've ever experienced ... yet there I am on the COVER of a skating magazine ... and I don't even skate.

Really, this is quite awesome.

EDIT: I also happened to pick up the most recent issue of INto ART, a local arts magazine out of Brown County, and was surprised to find a nice mention of me in an article about my fellow Dogwood Matthew Jackson. There is even a pic from the reading the 4 of us did in Columbus in Sept. Also cool!