Friday, November 13, 2009

Winding Down & Gearing Up

* Wrote 8 Wheels of Death script (actually around the end of June, I think)
* Called a couple of derby bouts, home and away
* MC'd a roller derby fashion show
* Trip to Holiday World

* Canoe trip
* Performed live sound effects at the International Mystery Writers' Festival in Owensboro, KY
* Called an away derby bout
* Assisted shooting 8WoD in earnest
* Confirmed that my chapbook Little Glove in a Big Hand will be published in 2010 (possibly January) by Plan B Press

* Preformed SFX, read poetry, and did some voice work (whew!) for a live variety show broadcast on WFHB
* Called another bout
* Lotus Festival (saw Väsen, among other great world music acts, for the first time and they were so very good)
* Heavy shooting schedule for 8WoD

* Called last home bout of the season
* Visited friends and hiked and climbed a li'l mountain in Maine
* Mom & Dad celebrated their 50th anniversary, and I got them a trip to Ruby Falls, TN, where they spent their honeymoon in 1959
* Taught my graphic design class
* Skipped the zombie march due to rain/police action but had a great Halloween at Kel's

* Called the first Naptown vs. BHRG bout, last of our season
* Gave a reading at the Writers' Center of Indiana in Indy, debuting some poems from the new chap
* Will perform SFX for another WFHB live variety show
* Learned that Joe also has a chapbook coming out in 2010 ... also from Plan B Press ... so joint spring tour now in the works ...

* Will record poems for Jenny Kander's last show on WFIU
* Hope to talk to financial adviser about ... my finances. I'll be 99% debt free (other than a couple of post-divorce entanglements) by December. What then? House? Hardcore retirement savings? Investments? All of the above?
* SLEEP and/or DO AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE!! (I think I am chronically under-rested)

* Reading at a benefit for a domestic violence shelter, in Indy, day after my 39th b-day
* Do another collaborative art/poetry project with Lucia, for a Kinsey contest
* Chapbook tour with Joe out to Vienna, Virginia, where our publisher is located
* Perform SFX for the Agatha Christie plays from IMWF, in April/May ... in Tacoma, WA! (I've been invited out by he producer; it's not 100% confirmed but should be before T-giving)
* Creating my own webpage and likely abandoning this blog (or incorporating it into something a bit more all-encompassing as far as work and personal stuff)