Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Big Change in Plans

And just like that, the Tacoma gig ain't happening. At least not in April/May. Maybe October now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is this blogging thing of which you speak?

Wow, has it really been 4 months since an update? Yeah, I guess it has.

When December 2009 rolled around I made good on my promise to SLEEP as much as possible. This also meant DOING as little as possible. Extreme hibernation. I grew a beard. Very little writing or editing, or anything else. I watched snow fall and I watched a ton of movies. That takes us to just about the end of January. . . .

Somewhere in there I was dealing with some depression. A lot of it stemmed from, of all things, finishing the chapbook project. Like Inigo Montoya after he killed the 6-fingered man in The Princess Bride, I no longer felt the . . . I don't know, not revenge exactly. I guess a desire or a need to work out through poetry some of my deep-seated family issues. Not that I don't still have some issues (some new ones too, actually). And Little Glove in a Big Hand is not really, in sum, all that confessional of a work anyway. But I definitely pushed through something. A darkness my inner 5-yr-old was never able to fully embrace until my exterior 38-yr-old learned how to "make something of it" creatively. Can strengthening one's ability to handle emotional land mines actually make one depressed? Was I just, in the words of Mr. Cobain, missing "the comfort of being sad"? I dunno. It was also a long cold winter, and like I said, I was EXTREMELY inactive for much of it. And I watched The Wrestler, like, 4 times. Yikes.

So now spring is here and I feel light as a feather again. I shaved the beard. I think it looked OK, but it made my face feel heavy. It felt like a mask. And with it, I'm told, I shaved off 10 years. I'll probably grow it back in the winter, though. I like transformation. I liked when snow got caught in it.

Since my birthday, 2010 so far has been one gearing-up scene after another, and in the back of my mind (but not too far back) has been prepping for The Big Gear-Up for March into April into May.

March 26: Speaking to a poetry class at my old high school(!) 20 years post-graduation.

March 27: Calling a double-header in Fort Wayne.

April 1-4: Mini-tour (dubbed Bottomless Cheetah Blood Tourette) of 3 out-of-state gigs to promote my new chapbook. (More dates to come, too.)

April 11: Reservoir Dogwoods performance at the Writers Center of Indiana.

April 12: RD performance at Bartholomew Co. Public Library.

April 16 - May 16: Performing SFX for Agatha Christie radio plays in Tacoma WA. I'm also staying with friends in Seattle for the first week of rehearsals and they are going to take me all over, maybe even into Canada(!)

May 22: First BHRG home bout of the season.

May 28: Reservoir Dogwoods performance at the Stillframes Gallery in Columbus IN.

Also, I taught my graphic design class, once again; went luging in Muskegon MI with a bunch of friends; did a couple of other readings; and picked up a new freelance client, which ought to be a steady, low-impact, long-term gig.

Other stuff?
Joanna Newsom on 3/31 at the Buzz Chum!!

Henry Rollins on 4/5 at the Buzz Chum!!

I got a kitty! I took possession of the cat of a friend who used to live in the house I'm living in now, when I lived with Mari. The cat's name is Pixel and he's 5 and he's huge and fluffy, and cranky because I don't feed him wet food every day. I really like having a cat again. The house likes having a cat again. I think he sits on my trunk and watches me in my sleep, rather than sleep with/on me, which is a little weird. But hey, cat.

Dating and high adventure FTW. Nothing too serious, but pushing into stability and reassurance, which is awesome. Honestly, I'm married to my work right now (which is I think pretty obvious) and I like it that way (also obvious). And I'm clear about that, so we're all on the same page. I don't like not meeting expectations.

I am currently 100% debt free. I've met with a financial advisor to push some funds around ... although in "these harsh economic times" I don't have a ton to put toward savings or retirement or investments or whatever. Still, I had this 401K I'd nearly forgotten about from a previous employer, and it was just sitting there bleeding out from "management" fees. So that is now making some $$ for me. I'm saving for down payment on a house -- I know, how . . . quaint. How old-fashioned. Who makes a down payment on anything anymore? Well I don't want to make the same mistake I made last time I owned, which was buying first and figuring out how to pay for it later. Yep: I was part of the high-risk mortgage fiasco, although I wasn't as bad a risk as other people. Still, live and learn, right?

My high school class is threatening to hold a reunion this year. I've never been to a reunion. No. Last year was our 20th, but no one got it together in time, so we're doing a 21st. *sigh* That pretty much sums up my class.

Speaking of high school, my best friend until freshman year (when he moved away) lives on the Gulf coast of Florida now, and I am thinking it might be cool/possible to hit all three US coasts this year: east in April, west in May, south in July. He's a professional beach comber, I think, and boats and fishes all the time. Sounds to me like a damn fine way to spend a bit of summer.