Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Long Time Coming

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011
IHS Press Releases Poetry Collection

Edited by Jenny Kander and C. E. Greer, And Know This Place: Poetry of Indiana, features the work of 116 poets who live or who have lived in the state long enough to acquire a sense of the place. Recently released by the IHS Press, the book is the first collection of Indiana poetry to appear for more than a hundred years, with the last major anthology, Poets and Poetry of Indiana, published in 1900.

The list of poets in this volume include such notable figures from the past as James Whitcomb Riley, William Vaughn Moody, Jessayman West, and Marguerite Young, as well as such modern masters as Etheridge Knight, Mary Ellen Solt, Jared Carter, and Norbert Krapf. In addition, the book has a foreword, “An Extraordinary Legacy,” written by Roger Mitchell, former director of the creative writing program at Indiana University, where he held the Ruth Lilly Poetry Chair.

As Kander and Greer note in the book’s preface: “Our central criterion for selection was quality of the writing, and we chose those poems which cover the spectrum of experience in both place and time, in settings from city streets to wilderness tracks, covering the state from Goshen in the north to Floyd’s Knobs by the Ohio River, and from Gessie on the Illinois line to Cottage Grove a hundred and fifty miles east.”

Kander's poetry has appeared in Flying Island, California Quarterly, Bathtub Gin, Wind, Southern Indiana Review, and Shiver. Her chapbook Taboo was published by Finishing Line Press in 2004. She has compiled and edited two volumes of poetry, The Linen Weave of Bloomington Poets and Celebrating Seventy, both published under Wind’s logo.

Greer’s poems have appeared in Streets Magazine, Flying Island, Wind, and other publications. He has been active with the Bloomington Free Verse Poets, and he coedited, with Kander, Say This of Horses: A Selection of Poems published by the University of Iowa Press in 2007.

And Know This Place costs $24.94 and is available from the IHS's History Market.

Also available at your favorite online bookseller.

[I wanted to note that this project has taken forever to get into print. I first submitted poems back in I think 2003 and the project has been batted about by at least a couple of publishers, delayed, shelved, put on a front burner, delayed again, put on a back burner, and now finally here we are.]

Friday, June 03, 2011

Everywhere I am it would seem I am everywhere

Got 3 poems published in the latest online issue of Ramshackle Review.

Have work forthcoming (in print) in Plain Spoke. That ought to be showing up sometime in June.

All 4 of these works are in my chapbook ms. (currently seeking publication) Hot Type Cold Read.

Tonight (Fri June 3) I'm reading with Joseph Kerschbaum, Anne Haines, Jenny Kander, and Shana Ritter at a Gallery Walk event in Bloomington. Sponsored by the Writers Guild and By Hand Gallery. Stop by if you are in the 'hood. We will be ensconced at the Fountain Square Mall atrium from 6:00-7:30 pm.

And Sunday (June 5) I am performing live sound effects for a live variety show on WFHB Community Radio. It's at the IVY Tech John Waldron Arts Center in Bloomington at 3p. The show is FREE, so come be in the live audience. Or tune in to 98.1 or 91.3 (in B-ton) or listen live streaming from the website.

Speaking of live streaming, a recent Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls double header I co-announced was webcast live that night (May 28) and is now archived at Derby News Network. Check it here. (Part 3, about 48:00 in, is where a rollergirl took a pie in the face for a fundraiser -- and then she gave me a kiss and rubbed it on me. The pie, that is.)

Finally, once again I am heading to West Plains MO later this month to teach, perform, and direct live sound effects at the National Audio Theatre Festivals.

In July, I'm gonna sleep and go to the lake a bunch. And write/edit new stuff. (April was a fruitful poem-a-day month this year.) And probably shoot (with the Roller Mortis Films guys) a short script I adapted from a story I wrote in high school. And Fact Check an Encyclopedia show. But mostly try to be idle.

August I'm doing another WFHB show but I'm basically idle. If HTCR hasn't found a home by then, I'm putting that on the front burner.

September is ... a surprise. But details soon.

In other news, I met with Bloomington Restorations Inc. and ... got on their waiting list and ... probably make (or will make or will by then have made) too much money to qualify. But at least the Sisyphean ball of homeownership has been nudged, so mission accomplished.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Bloomington Storytelling Project

Did I ever tell you the one about Five-Dollar Frank?

Hear it tomorrow on The Porch Swing on WFHB broadcast @ 5:30p on FM 91.3 or 98.1 (bloomington) - 100.7 (nashville) -106.3 (ellettsville),
or podcast here.

Produced by The Bloomington Storytelling Project.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Where'd I go?

Wow, almost a year since my last post? Really?!

Well yeah. At one point I was sure I was going to abandon this blog for ... something else. Not FB (plenty active there). Not livejournal (who?) or myspace (what?). LIke, maybe my own, semi-pro website. Real horror show, eh?

Of course, life intervened. And I'm lazy. Really! Especially when it comes to thinking in terms of innovating with my content. I am so blessedly old school about writing and posting stuff online. It simply has no attention whore appeal to me. So I am forever a dabbler at it.

But ... I have followers now? Really?! Wow, there's like 4 new ones. Drop me a line!

OK, so I'm not even gonna try to recap the past ... 10 months. Suffice it to say, poetry gigs: check (solo and with the Reservoir Dogwoods). Sound effects gigs: check (here and out of state). Roller derby announcing: check. All that stuff continues apace. Actually not much has changed about any of it. I'm not planning on calling as many away derby games as in past seasons, but the girls only have 3 this season and I can only make maybe 1 (in New Orleans!) plus 2 tourneys, and I can only make 1 of those as well. I have a new chapbook manuscript I'm shopping around, hoping to find a publisher for spring 2012 so I can do a little tour on it. (I'd love to make my way to the city in which the publisher is located, like I did with Plan B Press for the Little Glove chap, so hopefully it gets picked up by someplace exotic. Like Texas.)

I have continued writing scripts for Roller Mortis Films, makers of 8 Wheels of Death, the premiere of which last Halloween was fantastic. We're focusing on short subjects and commercials and whatnot, mostly comedy, and sticking with our core themes: rollergirls, zombies, and a fake pharmaceutical company. But I'm also developing a story my director offered into a script, based very loosely on Henry Darger. An actual Independent Film (which I consider a genre Big Hollywood has been cashing in on since before the rise of Wes Anderson). More on that as it comes together. It's a knock-out idea, I think. Hopefully we can do it justice.

Beyond that, little in life has changed and I continue to enjoy the ride. Visited San Diego in Feb for the first time. Have been advised by professionals that visiting a beach in Feb does wonderful things for my generally low-key self, so I'm making tentative plans to visit a friend next Feb in Hawaii (she's moving there this summer).

Probably not buying a house any time soon. Lingering financial entanglements with my ex had to be dealt with (i.e., I had to pay off some of the neglected debt we shared on paper even though, also on paper, it was her responsibility to manage that joint debt). But really, that's okay. Major investments right now do not in any way inspire confidence. I'm pretty damn happy doing what I'm doing and living how I'm living, so I'm going to go with that and as things change (I'm sure they will, for good or ill...), readjust.

I think it's a good time to be living slowly right now, and within my means. So much change and turmoil, everywhere. It's a little overwhelming sometimes. I've no doubt some will slop onto me at some point. I'm not, for example, looking forward to $5-$8 / gal gas this summer or higher food prices, and I'll be watching the enviro/economic fallout from the Japanese quake/tsunami closely. And Libya, of course. And Wisconsin, and of course, right here in Indiana. And and and. Whew.

Stay safe, gentle readers. Be kind where you can. It gets better.

Here's Bill, keeping it real.