Friday, June 03, 2011

Everywhere I am it would seem I am everywhere

Got 3 poems published in the latest online issue of Ramshackle Review.

Have work forthcoming (in print) in Plain Spoke. That ought to be showing up sometime in June.

All 4 of these works are in my chapbook ms. (currently seeking publication) Hot Type Cold Read.

Tonight (Fri June 3) I'm reading with Joseph Kerschbaum, Anne Haines, Jenny Kander, and Shana Ritter at a Gallery Walk event in Bloomington. Sponsored by the Writers Guild and By Hand Gallery. Stop by if you are in the 'hood. We will be ensconced at the Fountain Square Mall atrium from 6:00-7:30 pm.

And Sunday (June 5) I am performing live sound effects for a live variety show on WFHB Community Radio. It's at the IVY Tech John Waldron Arts Center in Bloomington at 3p. The show is FREE, so come be in the live audience. Or tune in to 98.1 or 91.3 (in B-ton) or listen live streaming from the website.

Speaking of live streaming, a recent Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls double header I co-announced was webcast live that night (May 28) and is now archived at Derby News Network. Check it here. (Part 3, about 48:00 in, is where a rollergirl took a pie in the face for a fundraiser -- and then she gave me a kiss and rubbed it on me. The pie, that is.)

Finally, once again I am heading to West Plains MO later this month to teach, perform, and direct live sound effects at the National Audio Theatre Festivals.

In July, I'm gonna sleep and go to the lake a bunch. And write/edit new stuff. (April was a fruitful poem-a-day month this year.) And probably shoot (with the Roller Mortis Films guys) a short script I adapted from a story I wrote in high school. And Fact Check an Encyclopedia show. But mostly try to be idle.

August I'm doing another WFHB show but I'm basically idle. If HTCR hasn't found a home by then, I'm putting that on the front burner.

September is ... a surprise. But details soon.

In other news, I met with Bloomington Restorations Inc. and ... got on their waiting list and ... probably make (or will make or will by then have made) too much money to qualify. But at least the Sisyphean ball of homeownership has been nudged, so mission accomplished.