Thursday, May 23, 2013


So. My last post here was nearly two years ago. Why bother coming back?

Facebook. It's great for networking and for connecting and events and self-promo. But all I ever post there is OPC, other people's content. I don't like it for blogging or online journaling. Anything I take time to write is overwhelmed by the data smog of the feed. Which is not a bad thing! I like the stream and the tidbits friends and "friends" post.

And I'll continue to do the self-promo thing there. Here, though, I want to return to first principles: online journaling, brain dumps, "what I'm up to" in prose form rather than simply posting an "event" or liking or whatever. A little customization is what I'm after.

And good god, don't let 2 more years elapse before the next update. Yikes.

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