Friday, May 24, 2013

The lucky guy who gets to ring the gong

I went to a reading at Boxcar Books on Wed. Didn't think I would make it, but rehearsal for the next Firehouse Follies was at the MCPL practically next door and ended just in time to get a good seat. On the bill: Chris Mattingly and Matt Hart, both very good, very different poets. Chris is more in the staid-detached-descriptive mode, while Matt has longer, fiery, evocative lines.
Tonight I'm checking out Joy Shayne Laughter reading at Sweet Claire Bakery here in B-ton. She's a great writer and a wonderful performer of her own work. It's part of the Lemonstone reading series organized by the Writers Guild at Bloomington.

Sunday is the next WFHB Firehouse Follies. Word is I am heavily featured. Good god, they're making me sing a song ... about sound effects. Tune in for all the shenanigans!

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